Shell Nell in Namba Official

TEL (81)6-6633-5170

TEL (81)6-6633-5170
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Yukata Experience Day Limited for July 29th - 30th

Yukata Experience Day Limited for July 29th - 30th

As for our customer staying with us, experience charge (10mins) and photography by yourself are FREE!

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Your ease and comfort sleep in the big city, NELL=(sleep) in SHELL

Your ease and comfort sleep in the big city, NELL=(sleep) in SHELL

New concept of stylish capsule hotel opened in Namba Osaka.
Men and women floor are separated to guarantee the reassurances during your stay.
We equipped our hotel with the latest capsules type for your sleep comfort.


The shared area on the first floor is
a lounge designed by Yuichi Yokoyama.
Only our guests are allowed to use the lounge.
You don't need to go out with wearing pajamas,
because we have snack vending machine.

Capsules floor for men and women are
separated for your reassurances.
The separated capsules floor is equipped
with security system that requires key to enter.
Shell Nell is a non-smoking capsule hotel which breaks
the image of typical capsule hotels.
The capsules are not only excel in the functionality
but also pay a great attention to the design.
These two elements combined creates a relaxing space
and maximum comfort during your stay.


Business hours

Check In
17:00 ~
Check Out
~10:00  (Additional fee will be charged if you checked-out passed the check-out time)

01.Stay with us

How to stay
at Shell Nell Namba


Business hours and luggage


Café is available for
our guests to use


The surrounding area map


For your references
if this is your first time staying at SHELL NELL

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